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Even in "Doom & Gloom" aloha prevails.

The day after an unexpected upset in the U.S. Presidential elections - after months of salacious accusations, vile behavior, exposed inadequecies in each candidate - we are still here.

We will be just fine. There will be challenges to our identities, our liberties, but we will be just fine. If resilience is not the core of humanity, I am not sure what is.

This afternoon I stopped at a local grocery store to pick up a few groceries. After my brief scavanger hunt through the isles, I stood in line to buy my groceries.

An elderly gentleman was at the register, checking out. I wasn't paying much attention as I was grabbed by the headlines of a magazine headlining Judge Judy's unfortunate divorce. Actually, it caught my attention because I thought her husband died, until I read the byline.

When I finally came to, I noticed the elderly gentleman's card kept being rejected. Just as I tried to signal to the cashier that I would take care of his bill, the cashier looked at the elderly man and said, "no worries, I got it."

Overwhelmed with the surprise, the elderly man kept showing his gratitude.

After such visceral social media content over the last few months, it was nice to be reminded that the people make a country and not the other way around.

Aloha found.

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